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Redstone Academy

Fees Policy — 2018-2019

Redstone Academy has slashed it fees down by a £1000 across the board to make it easier for all parents and guardians to send their children to our school. Check out the price plans below, and get to know our fees policy.

Key Stage 3

Years 7 - 8 - 9
£2885/ Year
  • 10 Equal Monthly Instalments of £288.50
  • 3 Equal Instalments of £961.66 per term
  • 1 Yearly Payment of £2885.00

Key Stage 4 / IGCSE

Years 10 - 11
£3085/ Year
  • 10 Equal Monthly Instalments of £308.50
  • 3 Equal Instalments of £1028.33 per term
  • 1 Yearly Payment of £3085.00


  • Any withdrawal of a child will require a Pupil Withdrawal Form to be filled in. Please note that a 4 week notice is required for a withdrawal.
  • Allowances cannot be made for any child that is absent due to illnesses, exclusions, holidays or any other reason.
  • Examinations fees will need to be paid by parents/guardians upon students being entered for any external examinations.
  • Stationary and essential textbooks are to be purchased by parents/guardians before 1st September 2017. A list of these items can be requested from the school admin.
  • The school will provide for all exercise books and any writing material.
  • Fees apply for the academic year Sept 2017 – July 2018 for all year groups and may change for subsequent academic years.
  • Activities such as educational or other visits and trips are payable. Some trip-based P.E. activities (swimming, climbing, archery etc) may also be charged. Parents/guardians will be informed beforehand of the costs.
  • Pupils may sometimes be asked to bring materials in for their Art or activity lessons.
  • Year 11 pupils end their studies straight after their final IGCSE/GCSE examination in June 2018. Therefore, the fees are paid are for the whole academic year. Please note year 11 students who are on exam leave will still have full access to their teachers as scheduled on their timetable.