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Greenfields Primary

Our Vision & Ethos

At Greenfields we aim to “Impart knowledge, cultivate virtue and nurture the individual aspirations of our future generation”. We aim to provide a safe and secure environment in which our pupils develop spiritually, morally and academically. Proud of Islamic values, respectful of others but ultimately confident in the ability of Islām to equip them for all aspects this life and the Hereafter. We aspire to inspire our pupils to reach their full potential.

Our trust is in Allāh, our best example is the Prophet Muhammad صَلَّى الله عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ 

Our motto is ‘Together we Learn, Enjoy, Achieve and Excel’. At our core is commitment to promote shared values, helping us to be responsible, respectful, kind and caring members

Mu’ādh (Radi Allāhu ‘Anhu) said: “Learn knowledge, for indeed learning it for the sake of Allāh is awe (of Him), seeking it is worship, studying it is glorification (of Allāh), researching it is striving, teaching it to those unaware of it is charity, and giving it out to one’s family builds ties…”

“There is nothing that will be heavier upon the balance than good character”

[Shaikh Al-Albānī said: “Hasan: ‘As-Sahīhah’ (No.876)”]

 “Ar-Rahmān (The Most Merciful) has mercy upon merciful people. Have mercy upon those on the earth, and The One above the skies will have mercy upon you.”

Bukhārī & Muslim from the hadeeth of ‘Āisha – (Radi Allāhu ‘Anha)